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About us

Updated on Tuesday 30th April 2024

 Welcome to our "About us" page! We are delighted that you want to meet our team.

Our team

The experts working at Altenburg Law ( can provide clients with qualified consultancy and expert legal advice for a wide range of corporate services. We have an extensive experience in several financial fields and in company formation matters. We are mainly focused on offering services to foreign investors in need of assistance when decided to set up businesses in Switzerland. With a long experience in this field, we have assisted investors across the world when starting a business in Switzerland and we can deliver our services to small or large businesses; we can also represent natural persons who want to register a business here or to expand their business operations in Switzerland

Other services we offer

Our in house lawyers can also represent investors and companies in all the aspects concerning the accounting procedures that have to be implemented by each Swiss company; investors can also rely on our bookkeeping services or on our company administration services. Local companies must also comply with audit procedures, in specific conditions, and the our experts can also be of assistance in this situation. Our local lawyers are specialized in the following legal domains: Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance, Tax Law, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, Restructuring and Bankruptcy practices.
In order to get in touch with our team, please set up an appointment using our contact form or give us a call at +41445002250.
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