Company Administration in Switzerland

Company Administration in Switzerland

Updated on Monday 21st September 2015

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Company-Administration-in-SwitzerlandBusiness administration in Switzerland

According to the Swiss Commercial Code, business activities can take several forms. Among the most employed types of companies to do business in the country are limited liability companies, stock corporations and Swiss partnerships. From all types of companies, only corporations may be listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. However, all types of legal entities have certain requirements when it comes to the administration of the company in Switzerland. The main responsibilities for company administration fall within the hands of the directors, but also of the shareholders.

Legislation related to company administration in Switzerland

The most important regulations for administering a company are enabled by the Code of Obligations which sets out the duties and responsibilities of the directors of a Swiss company with respect to business administration. Other legislation related to company administration is:

  • - the Swiss Corporate Governance Code,
  • - the Federal Act on Mergers, Demergers, Transformation and Transfers of Assets,
  • - the Federal Act on the Approval and Supervision of Auditors,
  • - the Swiss Criminal Code.

A Swiss company’s articles of association are also very important in company administration as they establish the relations and other duties of the directors and shareholders.

Listed companies are subject to additional laws, among which:

  • - the Stock Exchange Act,
  • - the Stock Exchange Ordinance of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority,
  • - the Directive on Financial Reporting,
  • - the Directive on Electronic Reporting and Publication Platforms.

For complete information about the legislation for company administration you may rely on our Swiss attorneys.

Company administration services in Switzerland

Our lawyers in Switzerland provide the following business administration services to clients:

  • - signing contract on behalf of the company, as instructed,
  • - payroll services,
  • - preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements,
  • - submission of annual financial statements,
  • - invoicing customers, as instructed by the company,
  • - audit services,
  • - accounting services.

For a detailed list of all company administration services available in Switzerland, please contact us.