Company Due Diligence in Switzerland

Company Due Diligence in Switzerland

Updated on Thursday 03rd December 2015

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Company-due-diligence-in-SwitzerlandVerifying a company in Switzerland

Switzerland represents one of the most appealing financial centers in the world and it attracts an impressive number of foreign investors every year. Many of them come to open companies in Switzerland, while others engage in different types of partnerships with local enterprises. Foreign entrepreneurs who don’t know much about their Swiss partners will usually resort to different types of procedures to verify the company they are about to go into business with. One of these procedures is company due diligence. Our law firm in Switzerland provides company due diligence services for clients.

Types of company due diligence procedures available in Switzerland

 Company due diligence can be defined as a thorough verification of a Swiss company with the purpose of assessing and reducing potential risks if associating with the respective company. There are three types of company due diligence procedures that can be effectuated in Switzerland:

  • -          legal company due diligence,
  • -          commercial company due diligence,
  • -          financial due diligence.

Our Swiss attorneys will personalize searches on a company based on the customer’s requests and needs in order to render the desired results.

How is Swiss company due diligence realized?

The first step for an effective company due diligence procedure in Switzerland is to establish the type of search one wants to make. Searches can be conducted with the Swiss Companies Registrar in the case of legal and financial company due diligence and the following results can be achieved:

  • -          finding out what the financial background of the company is,
  • -          finding out whether the company has debts or not,
  • -          finding out details about the company’s shareholders,
  • -          finding out if the company is involved in any litigation case or bankruptcy procedures.

Commercial company due diligence in Switzerland usually targets a company’s results in a certain industry. This procedure could take more time as different market studies could be performed.

A common practice is for Swiss managers to perform company due diligence on their companies in order to verify the business’ visibility on the addressing market and to measure customers’ satisfaction.

If you want to go into business with a local company and need company due diligence services, do not hesitate to contact our Swiss law firm.