Consumer Law in Switzerland

Consumer Law in Switzerland

Updated on Friday 20th May 2016

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Consumer-Law-in-Switzerland.jpgInvestors who are interested in opening a company in Switzerland should pay attention to the legislation referring to the consumer’s rights. The legislation prescribes the rights of the consumers in Switzerland who acquire all types of products and services sold on the local market. Such laws are created in accordance with the categories of products and it defines the obligations of the manufacturer in terms of the products he or she sold. Our team of Swiss lawyers can provide an in-depth presentation on the consumer legislation referring to the type of business carried out by the investor in Switzerland

Legislation referring to the safety of the products 

Businessmen with operations in Switzerland or those who want to export various products here are required to respect the provisions related to the safety of the products; the local legislation reflects the directives provided by the European Union (EU). Although Switzerland is not a member of the EU, the authorities apply these directives as the state is a member of the European Free Trade Association.
The legislation referring to the safety of the products is the Federal Statute on Product Safety, which specifies that a safe product is one which does not imply any risks during its usage. It is important to know that the legislation does not take into consideration goods and products in the category of food; our team of Swiss attorneys can provide more details on this matter. 

Warranty legislation in Switzerland 

Companies selling non-food products in Switzerland should know that the consumers are protected against faulty issues. Starting with 1st of January 2013, the sellers are obligated to provide longer warranty periods. As such, any manufacturer must guarantee the absence of defects for a period of two years, compared to the one year, as applied before this date. 
The provision is available for various types of buyers, including legal entities or natural persons. 
During the warranty period, the buyer is entitled to several rights, in the situation in which the product is faulty: 
receive a repayment on the product;
exchange the product;
claim damages.
Persons interested in receiving more information on the consumer’s rights in Switzerland can address to our Swiss law firm