Embezzlement Lawyers in Switzerland

Embezzlement Lawyers in Switzerland

Updated on Monday 21st September 2015

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Embezzlement-Lawyers-in-SwitzerlandThe Criminal Code in Switzerland

Embezzlement falls under the regulations of the Criminal Code in Switzerland. According to the Swiss Criminal Code, any individual carrying out corporate or business fraud will be held accountable. An action is considered unlawful and will be considered embezzlement if it is carried out with one of the following purposes:

  • - an individual deliberately misguides one or more individuals in order to cause prejudice,
  • - deliberately induces a false belief to another person with the intention to make that person cause a financial or any other type of prejudice.

An individual committing a fraud for a commercial gain will be tried within a Swiss criminal court and will receive a more severe punishment.

Our lawyers in Switzerland may provide you relevant information about the provisions of the Criminal Code with respect to embezzlement cases.

What are the competent authorities in embezzlement matters in Switzerland?

The main authority investigating corporate or business fraud in Switzerland is the Public Prosecutor’s Office within the canton the crime was committed in. Many cantons have dedicated Public Prosecutor’s Offices for the investigation of economic crimes in Switzerland. Also, depending on the economic crime committed, there are other authorities dealing with embezzlement cases in Switzerland. Among these are:

  • - the Financial Supervisory Authority,
  • - the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland,
  • - the Federal Department of Finance,
  • - the Money Laundering Reporting Office in Switzerland.

Our law firm in Switzerland offers legal assistance in embezzlement matters.

What are the offences in corporate and business fraud in Switzerland?

Depending on the area where the economic crime was committed, the Criminal Code provides several types of economic offences. Fraud in connection with the sale of securities, which involves the distribution of wrong documents, may be deemed as forgery. Fraud in connection with security sales falls under the regulations of the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act.

Accounting fraud falls is considered general fraud according to the Swiss legislation and involved the preparation of erroneous accounting documents and financial statements. Bribery and corruption may also be considered business fraud and fall under the regulations of the Unfair Competition Act in Switzerland. Insider dealing and market abuse and money laundering and terrorist financing are also considered business crimes in Switzerland.

For information about the criminal proceedings regarding embezzlement offences please contact our attorneys in Switzerland.