IT Law in Switzerland

IT Law in Switzerland

Updated on Thursday 23rd June 2016

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IT-Law-in-Switzerland.pngThe internet became one of the most used methods of communication and doing businesses, due to a set or reasons which make the online environment very appealing. However, since its early stages, the internet became extremely complex and local governments considered it is necessary to impose a set or rules to regulate the activity of various types of online activities. The rules are available for Switzerland as well, which has enacted several legal acts over the years in order to restrict illicit activities, to regulate the activities of online companies and to protect the consumer, but also to promote security in this environment; our team of Swiss lawyers can provide an in-depth presentation on the internet law

Protection of the online data in Switzerland 

It is important to know that the online environment offered by the internet providers in Switzerland is more and more secure. At the same time, the local legislation stipulates under the Swiss Criminal Procedure Code that the state is allowed to obtain private data, in very clear situations, such as: 
criminal proceedings;
judicial matters;
missing persons.
Our Swiss attorneys can offer more details on the legal requirements under which these procedures can be performed. 

Protection of the internet providers 

Businessmen interested in opening a company related to the field of internet are advised to invest here, as the legislation protects companies providing internet services from liabilities which can appear from third parties’ fault.  The rule is applicable for Telecommunications Services Providers and Internet Service Providers, which sell internet services to third parties. 
In the situation in which infringements of any kind take place on their internet network, the companies can’t be legally charged, as they can’t be held responsible for the illicit actions performed by other persons. 
It is important to know that, under the rules imposed by the Swiss authorities, the above mentioned internet providers are not required to block the access of any type of website or online content.  
Persons interested in receiving further information on the internet legislation applicable in Switzerland can contact our Swiss law firm