Loan Application in Switzerland

Loan Application in Switzerland

Updated on Friday 09th October 2015

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Loan-Application-in-SwizterlandObtaining business financing in Switzerland

Opening a company in Switzerland has certain requirements. Among these, financing is one of the most important. Whether it is a required share capital or other business expenses there are situations which imply contracting a loan with a Swiss bank. Switzerland has enabled the Act to approve the Raising of a Loan in Swiss Currency ever since 1954 which establishes how loans, including corporate loans, can be obtained. Our lawyers in Switzerland can provide you with more information about corporate loan applications.

Ways to apply for a loan in Switzerland

Switzerland offers several possibilities of applying for a business loan. The most important are:

  • -          bank financing,
  • -          floating shares on the Swiss Stock Exchange,
  • -          applying for tax incentives and relief with the Swiss Government,
  • -          applying for Public Aid Investment.

Small and medium companies in Switzerland can apply for bank loans with the help of the Government which offer commercial guarantees in order to back the funds. Loan guarantees can get up to 500,000 CHF and the Government can underwrite up to 65% of the debt exposure. Many cooperatives have been formed in different regions of Switzerland. These cooperatives can assist companies with their loan applications with Swiss banks. It is also important to know that many banks support Swiss companies and new business initiatives which is why they provide customized loans.

Apparat from loan applications with banks, certain Swiss companies can also float their shares on the stock market in order to obtain funds for their businesses. Our Swiss law firm can help you trade your company’s shares on the Stock Market.

Governmental aid for Swiss companies

One the reasons many foreign investors come to Switzerland are the governmental programs developed by State agencies. The Government offers different tax reductions and incentives and also allows each canton to establish their own tax laws. This way foreign entrepreneurs can choose the Swiss canton with the lowest tax rates.

Switzerland also offers Public Aid Investment funds through which companies can advertise their assets foreign investors will purchase.

For a complete picture of obtaining a loan for your company, please contact our law firm in Switzerland.