Marriage in Switzerland: Rights and Obligations

Marriage in Switzerland: Rights and Obligations

Updated on Monday 21st November 2016

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Marriage-in-Switzerland-Rights-and-Obligations.jpgThe legislation for the persons who want to get married in Switzerland can depend upon their nationalities. Such situations can refer to marriages formalities started by persons who are Swiss nationals, marriage registration of a local citizen and a foreign citizen or the marriage of two foreign nationals. It is important to know that those who are already married and plan to relocate to Switzerland will benefit from the provisions of the Federal Act on Private International Law, which states that such marriages will be recognised in this country. Our law firm in Switzerland can offer assistance on the legal requirements related to this subject. 

Marital rights in Switzerland  

Following a marriage in Switzerland, the couple will benefit from numerous rights. An important aspect is that a marriage in Switzerland can only be concluded if the two persons have an age above 18 years old and there are no exemptions in this case. Both persons have the right and the obligation to take care of their children. Our Swiss law firm can assist with more information on the legislation related to the child protection in this country. 
In the situation in which the parties do not get along, the legislation prescribes that they have the right to divorce. The procedure is can be started by a party, who can file a complaint to a local Swiss court

Marital obligations in Switzerland 

The act of marriage obliges the couple to commit to loyalty. Also, they are both required not to act against the other. 
A husband and a wife in Switzerland have equal rights in the respective marriage. In terms of financial matters, both of the partners must fulfil their duty to provide for their family and such decisions should be agreed upon. 
Foreigners who reside in Switzerland as illegal immigrant or asylum seeks are no longer allowed to marry here. For those who live in Switzerland under a legal basis, such as a worker who obtained a work permit in Switzerland, there are no restrictions. 
Foreigners marrying in Switzerland and who have a resident permit issued here can get married through the Registry Office
Please contact our attorneys in Switzerland for more information on the rights and obligations of a Swiss marriage