Open a Plumbing Business in Switzerland

Open a Plumbing Business in Switzerland

Updated on Tuesday 21st February 2023

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Open-a-Plumbing-Business-in-Switzerland.jpgThe plumbing system is a crucial part of any residential, commercial or industrial site. In order to place the plumbing system of a building, specialists have to be hired, who will perform their tasks following specific procedures. Thus, one of the ways to start a business in Switzerland is by opening a plumbing company
A plumbing company can deliver its services not only when a new site is built, but also when various components of the plumbing system need to be changed because they are outdated or due to malfunctions. A Swiss plumbing business can provide a wide range of plumbing services that can vary based on the degree the plumbing specialists have, but also on the specific types of activities the company wants to perform. 
Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can provide legal assistance to businessmen who want to start a plumbing activity in this country and can help in drafting the necessary documentation, registering with the local authorities and in any other registration step that is requested under the local legislation. 

What are the main types of plumbing services in Switzerland? 

A plumbing business in Switzerland can start any of the activities that are related to the plumbing system. This means that such companies can easily provide services related to the water pipes, drains, toilets, sewers, water heaters or related to the garbage disposal. These types of Swiss businesses can also offer emergency plumbing services, and in this case, the company can have a line where persons who have an emergency can call at any given hour. Some of the most common plumbing services are the following: 
  • replacing plumbing systems that are outdated, such as pipes, faucets, toilets and similar plumbing components;
  • drain cleaning – this operation should be done on a regular basis, with the purpose of removing debris that could block the pipes;
  • repairing leaking pipes – this can be a major issue, especially if the leak is located in an area that is harder to reach;
  • rerouting parts of the pipes system – this operation is generally requested when a renovation project takes place;
  • emergency plumbing services – an emergency in this case is considered any type of plumbing issue that could lead to major damages (flooding, massive damages of the walls, floors, affecting neighboring sites). 
After arriving in Switzerland, many immigrants choose to establish businesses. The ease of the process and the likelihood of success fairly quickly are two benefits of choosing entrepreneurship. If this option appeals to you as well, you can rely on our attorneys to help you open a company in Switzerland.
You can also rely on our law firm in Switzerland if you need guidance in tax legislation. Due to the less common taxation system which implies the levy of various impositions on 3 levels, understanding how it can benefit you can be difficult. So, we invite you to discover how our lawyers can help you benefit from the advantages various cantons offer.

What types of commercial plumbing services are available in Switzerland? 

Local businesses can also provide commercial plumbing services, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. When referring to commercial services, they can be delivered to a wide range of entities, such as hospitals, hotels and other types of accommodation units, supermarkets, malls and other categories of retail centers, offices, restaurants and catering units, to new building sites for residential or commercial purposes and any other type of location that can fall under this category. 
When providing plumbing services to a commercial building, the plumbing company has to adjust its services based on the type of building. Thus, a plumbing company in Switzerland can provide custom services, but as a general rule, will deliver the same types of services that can be offered to residential sites. 
For example, some of the most common services refer to the following: drain cleaning, video inspection, pipe repair and pipe replacement, installation and maintenance of the water heater, the repair, maintenance or replacement of showers, toilets, faucets, garbage disposal and others, remodeling of the plumbing system and so on.  

What are the characteristics of a Swiss plumber? 

In order to start a Swiss plumbing business, it is necessary to find suitable employees, who have the necessary experience or degree in the field. When hiring an employee in a plumbing business, our team of Swiss lawyers can assist with legal advice on the types of employment contracts available in this country and can offer information on the rights available for this profession. It is necessary to know that the average salary for a Swiss plumber is estimated at CHF 54,000 per year, while the highest salary in the field can reach CHF 90,000. 
The largest share of plumbers in Switzerland (of 38%) is represented by persons who have a experience in the field of 1 to 4 years, while plumbers with a very long experience in the field (of more than 20 years) represent approximately 8% of the entire workforce hired in this sector. Businessmen are invited to address to our law firm in Switzerland for more details on how to start a plumbing company in this country and how to hire employees in this sector and register them for tax purposes.