Open a Real Estate Business in Switzerland

Open a Real Estate Business in Switzerland

Updated on Tuesday 21st February 2023

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Open-a-Real-Estate-Business-in-Switzerland.jpgWhat are the characteristics of the Swiss real estate sector?

The Swiss real estate market is expected to expand in 2018, as the prices for residential properties are rising. It is estimated that throughout 2018, the prices of the residential properties will rise by 2-2,5% at the level of all Swiss regions. Investors who want to start a company here in this sector must know that the prices for real estate properties range in value depending on the region. For example, properties sold in Geneva or Zurich are much more expensive compared to the ones available in the rural regions. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can provide in-depth assistance on the legislation regulating the real estate sector in this country. 

Is Switzerland an attractive location for real estate investments?  

Switzerland remains an attractive business destination for investments carried out in the real estate sector and our team of Swiss lawyers can offer legal assistance on the regulations available for foreign investors. The country benefits from economic stability related to this market and investors are drawn here due to the conditions provided by the local authorities. Some of the main aspects related to the Swiss real estate market are the following:
  • Switzerland benefits from a high level of economic and political stability, above the European average;
  • investors grant a high level of trust to the investments concluded on the real estate market;
  • in a study conducted in 2018, 80% of the participants (represented by investors) declared that Switzerland is an attractive market for real estate investments;
  • although the prices for residential properties are rising, the prices for commercial properties are decreasing. 

If you are interested in opening a Swiss bank account, you must meet certain requirements. One of them is being in the country after the procedure has started to sign various documents. In the first stage, however, our lawyers can handle the part that does not require your presence. So, if you want to save time, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not be reluctant to seek the assistance of our Swiss law firm for advice on setting up a bank account in this country. Due to its beneficiary protection features, this service is among the most often requested. Contact us to learn what you require in relation to the sort of account you wish to open, and let us manage the process.

Does the Swiss real estate sector include digital technologies? 

One of the main assets of the real estate market in Switzerland is that the local construction companies introduced digital technology, used during the construction of a new building. In this sense, local companies use the building information technology and investors can contact our law firm in Switzerland for advice on how to stat a construction company in this country.