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Updated on Monday 07th October 2019

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1. How to start a Swiss limited liability company

"Switzerland is one of those countries in which one can set up a business under the form of a company or as a self-employed person. Among these, the Swiss limited liability company or GmbH is preferred by most foreign entrepreneurs. This happens because this business form is closer to other entities in other European countries."


2. Switzerland, amongst the best European destination for opening companies

"Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe that are well known for their economic and political stability as well as an efficient capital market. Investors who form a Swiss company can have access to various tax incentives and benefits depending on the canton in which the business is based. Here, investors have access to excellent infrastructure, a good legal and regulatory regime and highly skilled employees."


3. Why register a Swiss startup business

"Although it is not part of the EU or the EEA, Switzerland is also a popular destination for basing a business because of its reputation as a financial center and the corporate and personal taxation regimes. Investors who open a Swiss branch will be able to manage their European operations from a top location and will have important tax advantages."


4.  Switzerland, in the top countries for investment purposes in Europe

"Switzerland has several official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh), but German is the most spoken language, therefore German business people can easily start a business in Switzerland, as they will have no language barriers."


5. What are the reasons for investing in Switzerland?

"When deciding to enter the Swiss market, the commonly chosen type of legal entity is the GmbH or the private limited liability company. Foreign companies that decide to expand to Switzerland can also open a branch, a business form that will have slightly lighter incorporation and reporting requirements but for which the foreign company will remain liable."