Private Property Laws in Switzerland

Private Property Laws in Switzerland

Updated on Monday 21st September 2015

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Private-Property-Laws-in-SwitzerlandProtection of private property in Switzerland

When it comes to the protection of private property Switzerland has one of the most developed regimes for the protection of both foreign and local owners. The Swiss legal system is independent and the legislation protecting those signing contracts is quite strict. Swiss laws protecting private property are also in accordance to international standards. The Swiss legislation for the protection of private property mainly refers to intellectual property, but also to real estate property.

Swiss laws for protection of private property

Swiss Intellectual property mainly refers to the protection of ideas and information carrying a commercial value. Therefore, Swiss companies are protected by the rights the Intellectual Property Law. According to the Swiss laws protecting private property, intellectual property falls under the federal laws of the country. The types of private property these laws refer to are copyrights, patents, designs and trademarks. Swiss companies will benefit from the protection of trade secrets, trade names according to the Unfair Competition Act or other special legislation they may fall under. In order to benefit from such protection, the above mentioned types of private property must be registered with the appropriate authorities.

What are the main international laws protecting intellectual private property in Switzerland?

The laws protecting private property of local but foreign residents in Switzerland also are quite clear. In terms of intellectual property, Switzerland is part of the Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property. Switzerland also signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty of 1970, the International Patent Classification Agreement of 1971 and the European Patent Convention of 1973 in order facilitate the protection of private property. Switzerland is also an old signatory of the Berne Convention of 1908, Universal Copyright Convention enabled in Geneva in 1952. Switzerland also signed an agreement with the United States in 1924. Switzerland is one of the greatest players in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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