Purchasing a Domain Name in Switzerland

Purchasing a Domain Name in Switzerland

Updated on Tuesday 21st July 2020

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Purchasing-a-Domain-Name-in-SwitzerlandInternet domain name in Switzerland

Internet domain name registration is available in Switzerland if one purchases and registers a name using the .ch extension. The .ch extension is Switzerland’s country code top-level domain name and can be used by both individuals and companies. Swiss companies wanting to have an online established presence can gain more value by registering their websites using a .ch domain name. Switzerland’s top-level domain name is administered by SWITCH Information Technology Services.

Swiss domain names registration requirements

Companies and citizens wanting to register a domain name in Switzerland must first select the name and verify with SWITCH if the name hasn’t already been registered. If the name is still available they can submit a request for registration which will contain complete and updated information about the person registering the domain. Swiss domain names can contain the following:

  • -          letters and digits,
  • -          hyphens, which must be placed elsewhere the third and fourth positions in the string,
  • -          a minimum number of 3 characters and a maximum of 63

In order to be registered, the applicant must also provide SWITCH with a configured name server which will be registered prior to the domain name. It is recommended for at least two name servers to be supplied when registering a domain name in Switzerland. For more information about the requirements of SWITCH you can ask our Swiss lawyers.

For enhanced protection, it is advisable to register the domain name as a Swiss trademark.

Other details about domain name registration in Switzerland

Once a Swiss company or natural person registers a domain name using the .ch extension they will be subject to certain fees, among which the initial registration fee, a renewal fee and a transfer fee, provided that the owner want to transfer the name. Domain names in Switzerland must be renewed every year. Also, domain name registration in Switzerland is done on a first come, first served basis which is why it is best to first verify the availability of the name to be registered. Foreign companies or citizens wanting to register a domain name in Switzerland can do so by appointing a representative.

Considering there are certain restrictions regarding domain name registration we invite you to contact our law firm in Switzerland for details about these restrictions.