Real Estate Due Diligence in Switzerland

Real Estate Due Diligence in Switzerland

Updated on Monday 21st September 2015

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Real-Estate-Due-Diligence-in-SwitzerlandThe real estate market in Switzerland

During the last years investment in real estate property has become a trend among foreign investors and Switzerland is no exception. The Swiss real estate market developed quite a lot during the last few years, as foreign investors realized property purchases offer great potential for obtaining a regular income. Also, in the context of international taxation, real estate investments represent a good tax optimization solution because it ensures a favorable return on investment.

Our Swiss law firm will offer clients the best real estate investment opportunities based on the most tax-efficient cantons.

Why is real estate due diligence necessary in Switzerland?

Real estate due diligence is an often employed method of determining of a property is worth buying in Switzerland and both foreign investors and citizens request the services of Swiss lawyers to conduct the procedure on their behalf. For foreign businessmen interested in purchasing real estate property the procedure will comprise the market, the legal, the taxation and technical due diligence in order to assess the property from all point of views. Our lawyers in Switzerland will help clients in making their decision based on the purchase price of the property, the risks and opportunities the real estate is subject to and will also assist them in determining favorable purchase conditions.

Real estate valuation in Switzerland

Real estate valuation is an important component of the real estate due diligence in Switzerland and it combines the value of the property and the value of the property for capital investment. In Switzerland the value of a property is mainly related to the asset management and its value on the stock market, which is why requesting the services of a Swiss law firm, becomes even more important.

When looking to invest in real estate property, businessmen should investigate the seller, the macro and micro location of the property. The macro location will provide valuable information about the workforce available in the location, the property taxes one must pay and the infrastructure, while the micro location will offer information about the type and extend of the property to be purchased in Switzerland.

You can contact our law firm Switzerland for personalized real estate due diligence services. Our Swiss attorneys will also help you in drafting the sale-purchase contract when buying real estate property.