Resolve Shareholders Disputes in Switzerland

Resolve Shareholders Disputes in Switzerland

Updated on Monday 03rd October 2016

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Resolve-Shareholders-Disputes-in-Switzerland.pngShareholders are the persons who own shares in a company and have legal rights and obligations deriving from the statutory documents of the company, in accordance with the amount of the shares they own and the legal entity under which the company was incorporated. Disputes involving shareholders may appear from numerous reasons referring to the ways in which the company is managed and the policies carried out by the company’s management. For whatever reasons the shareholders have entered into a dispute, our law firm in Switzerland can provide legal assistance and legal advice on how the respective issue can be resolved in the best interest of the investors. 

Types of shareholders disputes in Switzerland 

The investors of a company who own shares in that respective business are called shareholders. They may enter into a shareholders dispute which can be handled through several legal ways, such as arbitration, mediation or litigation
The latter is handled in a Swiss court, following the complaint of one of the parties who entered into the conflict. In such a case, it is recommended to receive the legal representation of a Swiss law firm
One of the main reason for which shareholders enter into a dispute refers to the direction in which the company is headed. Another one is related to the company’s funds, which can be used by the shareholders or by the company’s directors in their own interest or for other purposes that fail to represent the real destination of those funds. 
Another common dispute is related to the sale of shares or of the assets. The procedure can be performed following specific regulations imposed by the Swiss law
Our lawyers in Switzerland can negotiate on the investor’s behalf the claims of the shareholders’ disputes and offer a settlement to the case. 

Shareholders agreement in Switzerland  

In order to avoid various legal issues, it is recommended to sign a shareholders agreement, which is a very important document that prescribes numerous provisions related to the rights given to the minority shareholders, or the ways in which a conflict must be managed in a specific situation. The document provides resolutions related to the board of directors and its composition, the rights of the founding shareholders over other types of investors and many others. 
We invite foreign and local investors to contact our attorneys in Switzerland if they may need assistance in resolving a shareholders dispute