Set Up a Publishing Company in Switzerland

Set Up a Publishing Company in Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 22nd March 2023

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Set-Up-a-Publishing-Company-in-Switzerland.jpgThe publishing industry is a developed field of activity in Switzerland, as more than 600 companies are performing activities related to this sector. At the same time, the country is a full member of the International Publishers Association (IPA), the largest global association which represents the interests of publishing organizations as well as individual publishers. Investors who want to open a company in Switzerland as a publishing business should also know that IPA set its headquarters in in a Swiss city, Geneva, although the association was founded in Paris, France. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer in-depth advice on the main advantages of publishing companies represented by this institution. 

Establish a suitable business plan for the Swiss publishing business  

One of the most crucial aspects that should be performed by investors who want to open a Swiss company refers to the company’s business plan. This should include realistic goals and the company’s objectives, as well as the manner in which such aspects will be met. 
The business plan is a useful tool during the registration procedure, as the businessmen can evaluate the stage in which their business is at the respective moment. Our team of Swiss lawyers can advise businessmen with further information on the main aspects that must be included in a business plan.  They can help you register a company for your publishing business and can assist you as well in other business related activities, such as opening a Swiss bank account or registering your company for VAT.
Depending upon various factors, the interaction with the selected institution in order to open a Swiss bank account might require some time. Your country of origin, how quickly you can gather the necessary paperwork, and not the bank you choose are among them. If you require assistance with this, please get in touch with our lawyers.

Find a location of the Swiss company  

A publishing company will require specialized equipment and thus, it is recommended to find a larger space in which the company’s operations can be carried out. In this sense, the investors may rent a commercial space by signing a rental contract. Prior to signing the contract, it is recommended to perform the due diligence procedures that will help in verifying if the respective location meets the conditions mentioned in the contract

Purchase publishing equipment in Switzerland

A company in Switzerland which performs publishing activities will need publishing equipment. It is recommended to purchase modern publishing products that use the latest technologies, in order to provide high - quality prints
Depending on the investor’s business plan, the company may purchase sheet-fed presses, which are used for printing on individual pieces of paper (rather than printing on a roll of paper), or digital presses
There are other important aspects that are to be completed during the registration of a publishing company. For example, it is necessary to obtain business licenses for the company’s specific activities, to register for taxation and to hire workforce with an extensive knowledge in this field. 
Investors interested in further information are invited to contact our law firm in Switzerland for in-depth advice on this subject.