Set Up a Rental and Leasing Company in Switzerland

Set Up a Rental and Leasing Company in Switzerland

Updated on Tuesday 21st February 2023

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Set-Up-a-Rental-and-Leasing-Company-in-Switzerland.jpgWhy set up a rental and leasing company in Switzerland? 

One of the main reasons for setting up a rental and leasing company in Switzerland is given by the fact that this sector is increasing at a steady rate. This can be seen when taking into consideration the workforce employed in the rental and leasing businesses, which, at the level of the second quarter of 2017, increased by 6,9%
It is important to know that Switzerland accounts for approximately 800 leasing companies, which generally offer their services to large corporation and small and medium sized companies operating here. The increase of 6,9% accounts for approximately 5,000 new jobs and our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer legal assistance on the main employment regulations.   
The video presented below offers a short description on how to set up a rental and leasing company in Switzerland:

Are you considering the idea of opening a Swiss company? Have you done your homework and decided the best choice in terms of legal entity? Wait no longer and get in touch with our lawyers to transform your ideas into reality as soon as possible. Apart from guidance in registration, you can also count on us for various consulting services.
If you require assistance with tax law, you may rely on our law firm in Switzerland. Understanding how the less prevalent taxation structure that entails the levy of numerous impositions on three levels can benefit you can be challenging. So, we urge you to learn how our attorneys can assist you take advantage of the benefits that various cantons provide.

The advantages of starting a Swiss rental and leasing company 

It can be a great business idea to start a company in the rental and leasing sector as, for example, Swiss citizens are generally interested in renting properties. It is important to know that more than 60% of the persons living in Switzerland rent the properties in which they live. Thus, a business operating in this sector can benefit from the trend available on this market. Other advantages, which can be detailed by our team of Swiss lawyers, are represented by the following:
  • a competitive market, as the demand is generally higher than the available supply;
  • Switzerland benefits from large expats communities, which are generally located in the cities of Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne;
  • as a general rule, most of the contracts are concluded in writing, as the rights and obligations of the parties can be better protected, but oral agreements are also accepted;
  • as the local legislation requires the tenant to provide a wide range of documents prior to signing a rental agreement, the company can provide its consultancy services to persons/legal entities interested in renting/leasing a property
One of the most common leasing activities in Switzerland refers to the automotive sectors and companies operating here are specialized in offering professional services and foreign investors can contact our law firm in Switzerland for legal assistance referring to the main rules of law regarding this business sector. 
You must satisfy certain requirements in order to open a Swiss bank account. One of them involves traveling to the nation after the process has begun to sign different papers. However, at the initial stage, our attorneys can manage the portion that doesn't need your presence. So don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to save time.