Set Up a Software Company in Switzerland

Set Up a Software Company in Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 22nd March 2023

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Set-Up-a-Software-Company-in-Switzerland.jpgThe software industry in Switzerland is an increasing field of activity and the projections for 2018 are showing that this sector will increase in revenues by 14,2%. More importantly, throughout 2018, Swiss software companies are expecting to increase the number of employees by 11,3% (compared to 5,9% in 2017).
At the same time, the level of exports of software products may increase in 2018 and investors who want to set up a business in this sector can benefit from thriving market conditions related to the software industry. Our team of Swiss lawyers can offer legal assistance on the registration of a software business, which can also need a set of business permits, as prescribed for the specific company operations developed here. 


Top software activities in Switzerland 

The software sector in Switzerland is comprised of several sub-sectors. The most relevant activity conducted by Swiss companies is represented by the custom software manufacturer (36,3%)
The following video provides a short presentation on how to register a software company in Switzerland

The following top software activities are:
standard software manufacturer (32,7%);
consulting (11,6%);
software integrator (7,6%);
technology and service providers (5%);
other types of related activities. 
However, in terms of revenues, the leading sub-sector in Switzerland is represented by consulting activities
Investors who want to set up a company in Switzerland in the software industry should also know that the highest rates of employees are hired in the following sub-sectors
custom software manufacturer (32% of the employees operating in the software industry);
standard software manufacturer (31,1%);
consulting (27,7%)
Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer legal assistance on the regulations concerning the employees working in the software industry
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Intellectual property for software products in Switzerland 

The owners of software products that will be sold in Switzerland can protect their work under the Copyright Act. A software product in protected in Switzerland based on the structure of the program, which has to respect specific requirements, as prescribed by the Section 2 of the Copyright Act
Businessmen can contact our law firm in Switzerland for consultancy services concerning the intellectual property regulations available for this industry.