Set up a Textile Manufacturing Company in Switzerland

Set up a Textile Manufacturing Company in Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 22nd March 2023

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Set-up-a-Textile-Manufacturing-Company-in-Switzerland.jpgA successful way to start a business in Switzerland is by opening a textile manufacturing company. The field is very well developed in this country, taking into consideration that Switzerland represents the leading jurisdiction for textile machinery at a global level. It is also important to know that Switzerland is known in this field for the innovative approach and for the high quality of the products related to this sector. Our team of Swiss lawyers can offer in-depth advice on the main criteria for opening a textile manufacturing company

Opening a Swiss textile company  

In order to set up company in Switzerland which operates in the field of textile manufacturing, the investors will need to follow the standard registration procedure applicable to other types of companies
One of the most crucial aspects refers to choosing a suitable business form for the respective company. As a general rule, most of the companies in Switzerland are registered under one of the following legal entities:
public limited company;
Further on, the textile manufacturing company will enter the next phase, which refers to the meeting with a public notary in Switzerland. The company’s representatives will draw the statutory documents of the company, depending on the business form chosen for incorporation. 
Any company operating in Switzerland is also required to register for corporate taxation (the taxation system can vary, depending on the canton in which the legal entity is registered) and for social security. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer assistance on these aspects, as well as on the business permits that will be necessary for a textile manufacturing business. They can also assist you if you want to open a bank account in Switzerland.
Bank accounts are also required for businesses in Switzerland. A local representative who will serve as a liaison for the management of the business account and a point of contact with the bank must be specified in the required paperwork for their situation. Please contact us for support in opening a bank account in Switzerland.

Textile industry in Switzerland   

The top Swiss industries can be organized by regions. For example, Zug region is characterized by the electronics industry, while the watch industry is mainly developed in regions such as Neuchatel or Geneva. The textile industry is very well developed in the Eastern part of the country. The Swiss textile sector is represented by the following types of products: 
clothing products;
household textiles
Companies in Switzerland operating in this field generally focus their business activities on the following: 
spinning mills;
rope makers;
ribbon makers;
clothing manufacturers
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Switzerland for more details on the registration of a textile manufacturing company