Start a Catering Business in Switzerland

Start a Catering Business in Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 22nd March 2023

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Start-a-Catering-Business-in-Switzerland.jpgA catering business in Switzerland will deliver food products to its customers. Thus, a company operating in this sector has to respect a set of regulations concerning the processing, handling, transportation and distribution of the company’s products. The legislation on this matter also takes into consideration import-export activities that have to be concluded following specific operations. The main rule of law which is of interest for businessmen who want to start a company in Switzerland in the catering industry is the Swiss Food Act and our team of lawyers can advise on its provisions. 

Registration requirements in Switzerland 

As a general rule, any food operator in Switzerland should obtain authorization for its activities from the Federal Office of Public Health, as prescribed by the Swiss Regulation on Food and Commodities (Article 5)
During the registration of the company, the food operators will need to register with the relevant authorities, a requirement imposed under the Article 12 of the Swiss Regulation on Food and Commodities. It is important to know that all food companies in Switzerland that provide food of animal origin are required to obtain an authorization from the local authorities, but several exemptions are available and our team of Swiss lawyers can advise on this matter. 
This is an important aspect, as half of the food products of animal origin consumed in Switzerland derive from the catering industry. With the help of our Swiss law firm, you can start a business anywhere in this country. In terms of development and taxation, each provides distinct advantages. If you decide to do so, don't be afraid to ask our attorneys about the assistance they can offer. Please be aware that a number of cantons have similar tax laws.

Turnover of catering businesses in Switzerland  

The catering industry, alongside with the accommodation sector, are relevant contributors to the Swiss economy. At the level of 2015, businessmen operating in this sector observed an increase in the annual turnover, as follows: 
17,5% of the companies operating in the catering and the accommodation sectors registered a turnover between CHF 350,000 – CHF 550,000;
16,5% marked a turnover between CHF 550,000 – CHF 850,000;
One in three businesses in these sectors had a turnover above CHF 850,000
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Switzerland for consultancy services on the food regulations applicable to catering companies
Our experienced team can also help foreign citizens open bank accounts in Switzerland. These are available for residents and non-residents, however, the conditions in terms of documents are different for each category of clients of Swiss banks. If you need help in identifying the appropriate service provider for you, feel free to contact us.