Swiss Cantons with the Lowest Taxes

Swiss Cantons with the Lowest Taxes

Updated on Tuesday 13th June 2017

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Swiss-Cantons-with-the-Lowest-Taxes.pngBoth corporate entities and natural persons are liable to taxation in Switzerland. The Swiss tax system is applicable at a cantonal level and each canton is entitled to establish regulations on this matter. The tax schemes applicable here refer to the same types of taxes, which are imposed at different rates. With 26 cantons specialized in different industries, investors may choose to open a company in Switzerland in the regions where the corporate taxes are lower. Our team of Swiss lawyers can offer tax advice on the smallest taxation rates available in Switzerland

1. Lucerne

Investors who want to open a company in Switzerland can choose Lucerne for incorporation, as the canton provides the smallest corporate tax, which is imposed at the rate of 12,32%

2. Nidwalden 

Companies operating in the field of aviation and related industries can set their business operations in Nidwalden, the canton where the tax on corporate income is applied at the rate of 12,66%

3. Obwalden 

One of the main assets of a successful business refers to the quality of the employees. In Obwalden, investors can benefit from a high level of specialization of the local workforce. At the same time, the corporate tax is applicable at the rate of 12,89%

4. Appenzell Ausserrhoden

The canton of Appenzell Ausserhoden is very developed in the services sector and more than 50% of the local workforce is employed in this industry. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer assistance on the main tax regulations applicable in Appenzell Ausserrhoden and it is important to know that taxation of income is the fourth lowest in the country, applicable at the rate of 13,04%

5. Appenzell Inner Rhodes 

The fifth lowest corporate tax rate is applied in the canton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes. It is imposed at the rate of 14,16%

6. Zug

The canton of Zug is known as one of the top economic regions of the country, highly developed in financial activities and medical related industries. Commercial companies operating here are required to pay a corporate tax rate of 14,6%

7. Uri 

The construction sector in Uri is one of the most successful fields available in the canton. When opening a company in the construction sector, the investors will need to obtain special permits and licenses. As a consequence of the fact that these legal entities perform commercial activities, they will be imposed with a corporate tax of 15,11%, which is the standard rate applicable in the canton

8. Schwyz 

In Schwyz, foreign companies may set up their activities in the fields of agriculture or finance. Regardless of the economic field chosen for business activities, the legal entities will be taxed with a corporate rate of 15,27%

9. Neuchatel 

The canton is specialized in the watch industry, which is one of the most representative economic fields of Switzerland. The taxation of income is applicable at the rate of 15,61%

10. Glarus 

The tenth lowest corporate tax rate in Switzerland is available in the canton of Glarus, which applies a tax of 15,71%
Persons who are interested in other types of taxes applicable in the above mentioned cantons are invited to contact our Swiss law firm for more information.